Extra Credit Blog post

My 3 least favorite activities were : Plaster casting, sketching in the garden, and Museum Visit.

I didn’t like the plaster casting activity because it required a great deal of patience and it was very hard for me to remove the plaster without breaking it. I tried 4 times and all of the casts broke. It was getting to be frustrating. I would have had more fun..if it came out looking good.

I didn’t like the sketching activity because drawing is not my favorite thing to do. It was kind of boring compared to other activities but honestly I’m glad I got to try it. The museum visit, on the other had was not my thing. I feel it is more enjoy able to create art than look at it. Kind of like what, the guy from the millennial presentation was saying.

My favorite activities were, all the other activities. It’s hard for me to pick the top 3 out of the 8 activities I enjoyed. But here is my top three: Graffiti art, Landscapes with a corpse, and Street photography.

I love doing graffiti and this activity gave me my first opportunity to use a spray can. It was a lot of fun and harder than I thought ! Landscapes with a corpse was really fun because I loved the concept of imagining your death and walking away from it. Lastly, Street photography helped me realize how much I liked taking pictures of random things I come across.

At first using Slack was annoying but after awhile it got really easy. I found it to be a lot easier than using Beachboard. The slack app helped out a lot, I was able to do my homework even when I was out and about .

In conclusion, I really had a lot of fun in this class. It was a great way to be creative this summer and take away the stress from other classes I was taking. I’m glad I took this class because I always hated art class but doing these unique activities and learning about new artists, inspired me in a way to be more creative. It changed my out look on art. It has been a blast!

P.S You are  really encouraging and I feel that made the class a lot easier. You gave us the freedom to experiment with our ideas and just go with it.







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