Artist of the week: Mahsa Soroudi (Week 12)

Our last artist of the week is Iranian artist Mahsa Soroudi. Her art emphasizes on her life back in her home country. Her story of immigration is shown thru her art. I really liked her art that involved plants.

I used to love planting flowers and vegetables in my backyard. It’s really fun to watch the plants grow and develop. It takes a bit of work to gave a nice looking garden. When she explained her plants I got really fascinated.

I liked the fact that she said plants look “normal” on the surface. But beneath the soil we can’t see their struggle. The roots are below trying to strengthen their development. Also, sometimes Mahsa does not cut her plants. In the video there was a plant that she didn’t want to cut because it was almost dying. She left it alone to respect its struggle to live. It was thriving .

Personally, I think plants are beautiful and I never thought of how symbolic they are. Plants can represent life, love, and patience . This artist is really unique and her personal life story is also. I like when artist are able to express their life and opinions about life thru their art.

In conclusion, Mahsa is a very talented artist that I had a lot of fun learning about.


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