Activity week 12 : One more

For the last activity of this semester, I decided to retry street photography. But instead of taking pictures of others I wanted to take pictures of myself. I discovered a new hobby of taking photographs, thanks to the street photography activity.

I have a lot of fun taking pictures. Personally I am very camera shy and photogenic, but I learned there’s more to pictures than simply posing in front of the camera. I love playing with the location, lighting, and clothing.

I like taking pictures in locations that stand out and just places that hold certain memories to me.  Also, I tend to focus my pictures towards fashion. I like showing off my favorite brand Obey Propaganda in my photographs.

It’s amazing how much technology has advanced. Instead of having to carry around a camera, I just took the pictures on my phone and edited them with filters. I think this technological advance has helped many people and even inspired people to be photographers. I know it has inspired me quite a bit.

A little side note, in most of my pictures I am Vaping (using an e-cigarette). The reason I am is because it is something I enjoy doing. I also feel that it is a very big industry and its almost everywhere. Many people are vaping and in a way I feel it is a fashion statement. I could be wrong, but it still looks really cool to have a cloud of smoke in my pictures.



I deiced to share my pictures with my friends so I posted them onto Instagram.

In conclusion, this activity was a lot of fun. I got to experiment with fashion and photography. I think this is going to be a new hobby for me. Its fun to express myself with these pictures.


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