Fiber Art (Activity week 11 )

This week’s activity was to make art using fiber. I was a bit put off by this activity because I felt it would be too difficult. But after looking up some videos I realized this activity won’t be that difficult.

I used old shoelaces, socks, and duct tape.  I braided pink and black show laces together while my cousin held it up for me. Then I tied three socks on the laces.  I then added two more shoe laces just to make it look more appealing. Lastly, I used duct tape to stick it to the wall.

I chose to use Nike socks because I wanted to incorporate fashion into the art. Nike is a very well known brand that I thought would look nice on the wall. I liked the color scheme because the colors were bright. The colors stand out and get your attention.


This may look very simple but I liked how it looked on my wall. I tend to like art that is more simplistic and  raises questions. Whenever someone sees this in my room, they are going to be confused and curious about it. I love art that is able to grab curiosity.


I edited the picture with a couple of filters just to change to look.

In conclusion,  I was hesitant to start this project. But once I  did, I had a lot of fun. It’s a unique piece of decoration in my room. My favorite part of this project was being able to chose how I wanted the piece to look. I enjoyed playing with the colors and brand name.

I was able to learn a new form of art. Honestly, I got a little frustrated when the laces weren’t shaping the way I wanted them too. It took a great deal of patience for me to finish this activity. However, I do feel my outlook on fiber has changed. Before I viewed it simply as a material for clothes. Now, it seems fiber can be used for anything. In a way, we are surrounded by fiber and it has a very importance significance in our life.


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