Artist of the week Vanessa Blaylock (Week 11)

This week’s artist of the week really confused me. Vanessa Blaylock, is an artist that does performances using avatars and virtual reality. I did not understand the concept of using virtual reality as a medium for art. I know many people are interested in graphic designing and I thought a lot about that job. Is that also considered art? We watch movies and are unaware of how much hard work was put in to create the visualization. After several discussions, I came to form the opinion that graphic designing is art.

I find Vanessa’s work complex and confusing. The hole avatar thing throws me off. Honestly, I still do not understand the hype over avatars. But after researching more about the artist I started to understand a little more. I liked that the artist uses avatars to change her identity. In a way its her escape from reality and she gets to explore many topics.

I read in an interview that the artist changes her avatar name on a weekly basis. She replied ” My display names are not that profound. But they are a tiny way for me to be in the moment, whatever that may be. To be just a little more fully present in whatever moment this is, whether silly or sublime.” I find her to be a very interesting individual and her outlook on like inspires me. She likes to be herself and experience life to the fullest.

In conclusion, Vanessa Blaylock is a well known artist. It took quite a bit of research to understand what her work is about. I feel that after researching her I have a more wider picture of what art is. It can be anything and everything.

Ze & Vaneeesa
Ze & Vaneeesa

This is my favorite piece of hers. She is getting married to her husband in the avatar world.


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