Artist of The Week : Joseph DeLappe (Week 10)


This week’s artist of the week is Joseph DeLappe. I was really amazed by his work. He uses technology and video games to create his art works,  he is also a Professor of the Department of Art at the University of Nevada. He has been working with electronic and new media since 1983.


He makes these really cool patriotic art work. My favorite one was where he would read off names of soldiers who have died in war. He read the names off during an online video game. I think the location/ medium was perfect for this piece. Most video game players love war and violent games. When Joseph reads the list of names, he was making people aware of war. Its not just a virtual game but its a real tragic event. I like how his artwork can be spread around easily. For example, the players in that game could be from any country playing online. His work is really unusual and effective.


This is another one of my favorites. In the picture, there is a drone stamped on some U.S. currency. I love that his artwork seems to point out the things that are happening around us. Drones  are becoming more and more popular and I wouldn’t be surprised if society gets carried away with them. Eventually they would be everywhere and our privacy would be lost.

Delappe is a really unique artist and I enjoyed learning about his work. Once again, I realized literally anything can be a medium for art!



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