Activity week 10 : (Art Care Package)

This week I sent an Art Care package to my girl friend Destiny. I decided to send it to her because it would be fun and a good way to be romantic. I wanted to do something simple and have the care package be art. Rather than including art I thought it was better to have the package itself be an art piece. It would be a symbol for love and our relationship.

I came up with the idea of giving her a bunch of stuffed animals. It may seem cliche but I knew she would like it. So I went to several stores to find the cutest stuffed animals I could find.

However, after I did, I felt that I should add some more stuff to the care package. So I added a couple of rocks. These weren’t just any rocks but they were rocks we found together on a date. It’s one of my favorite things to do, walk around the beach and look for cool rocks. These rocks are a symbol of that little adventure we had. Lastly,  I added a picture I drew. I drew the Obey logo and me wearing an Obey shirt. I thought it would be nice to give to her, since she got me tickets this summer to go to the annual Obey Warehouse sale.

Sending someone an Art Care Package is similar to sending a snapchat because we want to show that person we are thinking about them. We want to involve them in our activities in a way. It is also different due to the time differences . Sending someone a snapchat is almost instantaneous. But I feel that the longer it takes to get something the more special it is. The art care package took a lot more thought than sending someone a snapchat.

I think that some items are more valued over time. For example, if my grand kids saw that I was into Obey they might think of me different. In a good way or bad way, but they would still be able to understand my style better.

I think this art care package is more meaningful than a snapchat because there’s no other copy. In snapchat you can send a snap to multiple people but I can’t recreate the exact same care package. In other worlds the care package is more special and more valued because of its exclusivity. I would say that their is more “love” in care packages .

In conclusion, this activity was really fun and exciting. It made me think about how much technology has changed the way we act. It’s hard to explain but in a way I value snapchat a lot more than I did before this activity. Before I felt it was just a way to show people what your doing;  showing off. But now I feel its great because its a way to include people in your daily life.



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