Artists of the week: Guy Tang & Kat Von D (Week 9)

I found this weeks artists to be really unique and interesting. Before researching these artists, I thought that photography, drawing, painting, and sculpting were the main art types. I was shocked to learn that the body and hair can be used as an art medium.


Guy Tang began his fame on his YouTube channel and then he became very famous for his work with hair. He is a very successful hairstyles who many people dream of meeting. Its very difficult to even get an appointment with him.

His work is not only well known but also very unique. I love how he is able to play with the hair and sculpt it anyway he wants. The color schemes he uses are often bright and they stand out.  I never really thought that hair styling can be an art. I used to believe that hair cuts were more of a necessity but after seeing Tang’s work I was clearly wrong.

The second artist is Kat Von D. When I was younger I used to watch her show, Miami Ink. I used to have the biggest crush on her (I still do). She is a very talented tattoo artist and she accomplished a lot at a young age.  Personally, I think tattoos are confusing. It depends on what type you get for me to consider it to be art. For example I think that tattoos that are gang affiliated do not count as art.  I know that many people see tattoos as a bad thing. Back in the day mostly criminals had tattoos, now almost everyone has them.  Kat Von D has a lot of ink herself, and it looks good on her. Her work shows how determined and talented she is.




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