Artist of the week : Garry Winogrand & Scott Schuman (Week 8)

This week I couldn’t decide between the four artists we learned about. So I decided to talk about two, Garry Winogrand and Scott Schuman.

I have always been interested in photography and thought it was a really fun type of art. In today’s world, anyone can be a photographer thanks to smart phones. Whenever I see something I like, I take a picture of it. Not just to post it on social media but to help remember the day.

WINOGRANDGarry Winogrand used photography to talk about social issues and the American life. The man reason I liked this artist, is because he incorporated animals in his work.

It’s a really interesting photograph( left). The animal is being held captive at a zoo and you can see how much the elephant is missing his/her freedom. I feel that even though the elephant is tired of being held captive, he is happy. There’s a sense of innocence that the elephant has. Humans, would hold a grudge and fight back people who are trying to control them. But the elephant still has a vibe that shows hes forgiving. The second picture(right), is my favorite. It seems like Winogrand wants humans and animals to come closer. We should respect animals and treat them properly.


The second artist, Scott Schuman is known for his photography that revolved around the  fashion world . I liked that most of his pictures were simple and centered about the model. The model was trying to make a fashion statement. Most of his pictures had really unique settings and environments. shuman

I loved this picture because of where the lady is sitting. It looks like a rough neighborhood due to the graffiti. But the model is really well dressed and beautiful. She clearly stands out from the environment. Personally I enjoy seeing people pose in nice clothes in unique places. The setting makes the picture a lot more unique.


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