Activity Week 8 : Street Photography

This week’s activity was street photography. I liked how street photography captures the every day life of people. When I was researching street art, I saw most of the art was taken place in the busy streets on New York. The photograph showed people in a rush to get to work. So, I did some thinking and I felt it would be hard to find a street filled with people like that in LA.  I felt a lot of people would take pictures of people on the street, but I wanted to do something different.

I thought to myself, whats the next best thing. Then I decided to take pictures of the street, literally. The streets of LA, are always packed and busy. Most of the people spend majority of their time stuck in traffic. The lack of public transportation forces everyone to own a car. Instead of walking the streets, we are forced to drive on them.


In this picture, you can see my dad driving on the freeway. I liked how the reflection came clear enough for people to see the driver.  I personally, love how the freeways look. The ramps,  twist, turns, and how they connect. Its crazy how complex the freeways are. When I was a little kid, I used to stare at my dad’s GPS and get confused on the setup of them.  In a way, I used the freeway to symbolize transitions in life.  As a kid, I fantasized driving a car and I couldn’t wait till I got a license. When I finally did, I wasn’t ready to hit the freeways. It took some practice to finally be brave enough to go on the freeway. So, in my opinion freeways can symbolize coming of age, bravery, and an endless journey.

I also took pictures of places I feel really stand out in LA. First, are the palm trees. Every time I see a movie centered in LA, there are many scenes filled with palm trees. Second picture is of the entrance of LAX.  Many travelers come thru LAX on a daily basis. There is always so much confusion and loss of patience for people picking up passengers from this airport. Lastly, I took a picture of a view from Signal Hill.

Overall, I really wanted to stand out and try something unique with this activity rather than take pictures of people walking on the street.  I enjoyed this activity  and  felt there was a lot of creative freedom with photography.


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