Artist of the week: Janet Cardiff (Week 7)


This week’s artist is the creator of the sound experiences, Janet Cardiff. She is a very unique artist that really captured my attention.  Janet Cardiff’s work included narratives and story telling. Her work is very famous and I was shocked to find out that she was the one who created the headsets people used in museums. cardiff_long_black

My favorite piece by her is the 40 Part Motet.  “The performance is played in a fourteen-minute loop that includes eleven minutes of singing and three minutes of intermission. Individually recorded parts are projected through forty speakers arranged inward in an oval formation, allowing visitors to walk throughout the installation, listening to individual voices along with the whole. “(SFMOMA)

I really liked how each audience can experience this type of art in different ways. It’s a very interactive art, just like most of her pieces. My favorite part of it was, when there was a 3 minute intermission. The break in the music made the performers more real and ordinary. For some reason, it felt like I was able to connect to them. But when they began to sing again, it changed. They’re voices were beautiful and almost magical.




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