Activity Week 7 : Museum Visit

This week, I went to the Museum of Latin American Art with my girlfriend. This was my first time going to an Art museum so I did not know what to expect. 75385b7f-51b9-4af9-82e9-a47a09a59d6f

The first piece I really liked was a pop art inspired by Andy Warhol, our previous artist of the week. This piece is by Alfredo Manzo an immigrant from Cuba. I liked the piece of the colors and the message on the cans. It was really cool, to just have learned about pop art. It’s interesting to see how one artist can inspire others.

The second piece I liked was of  a box of raisins. This piece really makes a statement and it is very provocative.

Ester Hernandez beautifully address immigrant labor and their importance. The lack of proper work conditions is a basic human right many immigrant on farms do not get. I think this piece shows us that the workers are the ones getting dried out, not the grapes.

Overall, this museum visit was really fun. Although I didn’t understand the meanings of the other art there, I had a good time. Honestly, there were times where I was bored looking at a piece. But when I liked a piece, the boredom went away.


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