Landscapes with a corpse (Activity week 6)

This week’s activity was my favorite one so far. The goal of this project was to imagine your own death and take pictures of it. I always thought about death and wondered how I would die.  I noticed how many people worry about death and what happens after it. I believe that you must live your life to the fullest and not worry about death. After all, death is inevitable.

So for this project I wanted to be a little creative rather than simply die. I got my girlfriend to help me and we came up with an idea. We staged a murder committed  by a crazy, jealous girlfriend.

Here’s the scene :  I cheated on my girlfriend  and she found out. She was so furious and wanted me “out of the picture”. The next day I came home after work and she surprised me with dinner. I began to eat and enjoyed the meal. She walked over and kissed me on my cheek and said “revenge is a dish better served cold.” She had poisoned my food and I slowly fell into an eternal sleep.



I tried to incorporate fashion into the picture , similar to how Kaoru did. So I wore my favorite brand, Obey Propaganda and the shirt says “no mercy”. I felt that shirt would go well with the way I died.  I tried to play with the black and white to make the lipstick stand out and I thought the lipstick would make the death more mysterious, dramatic.

Overall, this was a really fun activity and I loved the concept of imagining your own death, then walking away from it.


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