Instagram Activity (week 5)

This week’s activity required the use of Instagram.  The goal of this activity was to create a giant photograph composed of all the classmate’s pictures. This activity was very simple and it was quite fun. The only material required was a cell phone or camera.

Each person was required to post 4 pictures of things they did throughout the day. My first picture was of a milkshake I made for breakfast.  I used a mango and a banana, and posted it onto my Instagram. The second photo was of me standing on a rock near the edge of the beach. I was at Seal Beach with my friends and I used this activity as an excuse to get a really cool picture of myself. The third picture I took, was of the sky. I liked this picture because the sky and the clouds looked really pretty. Lastly, the fourth picture was of a table at Liberty Park . On the table was my electronic cigarette along with my friend’s.

The next day when I checked out #art110su16, I saw the other classmates photos. I realized that a majority of the photos were taken outdoors. Many people were either at the beach or some other place “in nature”.  I was really fascinated, it seemed like many of us spent our summers enjoying the outdoors and going on adventures. In a way there were similarities and it felt like I was able to connect with people. By looking at their pictures I was able to get a glimpse of their hobbies and interests.

I really enjoyed this activity because I like using my phone to take pictures. One of my hobbies is to take pictures of the random things I see throughout the day. I also thought this activity is really unique. I never thought of using social media  for art, let alone a “giant selfie”.


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