Artist of the week : Marina Abramovic (week 5)

This week’s artist of the week is Marina Abramovic. Marina Abramovic is a very talented performance artist who constantly pushes her boundaries.  I really liked this artist because her performances are usually dangerous or uncomfortable to watch.This picture(below) really makes a statement. In my eyes, it seems to symbolize how people harm themselves just to please society . In the picture she is covered in bones, blood, and body parts. She tries to change her self just to look beautiful but this act is harming her in the long run.



Marina always does things that would horrify people. Anyone with a fear of snakes would be frighten to see this performance. She is pushing her limits and expanding her comfort zone. Her ideology is, if shes not comfortable doing something, then she must do it.  Perhaps this is the reason her work is so powerful, it creates some sort of controversy and it is unusual. Her performances  break the norm.


Lastly, this is my favorite picture of her. The scorpion on her face is very terrifying and dangerous . But I like the way her hair resembles the scorpion’s claws. Its seems that she is the scorpion. Maybe deep down inside , she is the monster and society fears her. Or, everyone has a monster inside them and we must be aware of it.In conclusion, I enjoyed learning about this artist and how famous her work is. Her performances really stand out and have many meanings behind them.



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