Artist of the week: Francesca Woodman( week 4)

“Am I in the picture? Am I getting in or out of it? I could be a ghost, an animal or a dead body, not just this girl standing on the corner…?”- Francesca Woodman

This week’s artist is Francesca Woodman, a famous photographer. As many people, she had a hard life and attempted suicide but survived it. But she ended up trying again and she was not able to survive.

Most of photos include her nude and her body was covered by the surroundings or were blurred. I liked her art work because most  it confused me and  was hard for me to figure out the meanings behind her pictures.


However, there were a few pieces I was able to figure out meanings for.

45124 This picture seems to say that no matter how loud she is talking, no one is listening to her. Perhaps she feels ignored and is not receiving the acknowledgment she deserves. This could symbolize how she did not get enough credit for her art work.

19-25205-woodman2 This second piece  symbolizes her first attempted suicide . The mark on the floor is an outline of her body and she is looking down at it. She is showing that death is always on her mind.

francesca-woodman-20  Lastly, this is my favorite piece by Francesca. She has a black hand print over her body, maybe from someone who tried to rape her. The hand print shows that the tragic event is always  on her mind. She holds her hand up because she knows that sadly, fighting her attacker will only make things worse.  Her black and white photographs says so much without using blood, unlike previous artist of the week  Ana Medieata.

In conclusion, Francesca was able to reach out to many people, with her simple pictures that are covered in mystery.


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