Activity:Graffiti Writing ( week 3)

“Some people become cops because they want to make the world a better place. Some people become vandals because they want to make the world a better looking place.”            – Banksy

This weeks activity was graffiti. I was asked to paint my name in bubble letters using spray paint.Personally, I think graffiti is very powerful and beautiful.The main advantage that graffiti has is that, it brings the art to the people. Instead of the other way around, art galleries. Art galleries require people to go out of their way to see art. I enjoyed this activity because I always wanted to use spray paint but I never got the chance.

Often times in class, I would start doing graffiti in my note book. I think it’s a wonderful way to express yourself. I like graffiti because I can do whatever I please. For example, different graffiti artists have distinct styles. Another thing I like about graffiti, is adding random shapes and designs within the tag.

For this activity, I scavenged around my backyard to find any hard surface I can paint on. I ended up cutting up a cardboard box and flattened it out. This cardboard became my new canvas. Next, I went to home depot to buy some spray paint and I was ready to begin. I already had a sketch of how I wanted my piece to come out.

I first began with the silver paint and created an “outline” of my letters. After , I filled in the empty spaces with the paint.Then I outlined the silver with black paint to make it look more defined. I tried to create a 3d effect with the black paint. It was a really fun process, and I was surprised how my piece came out. I thought it would look horrible.



I liked this activity so much that I wanted to try it again, just for fun. This time I did not have a sketch or any plan to follow.  I just “went with the flow” of things. And instead of cardboard I found an old piece of wood for a canvas.

Since I used white paint instead of silver, I made the letters look like dominoes. I added black dots randomly and I liked how it came out. This activity really got me interested, and I learned how fun and how much creativity can be used to write your name.


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