Artist of the week : Ana Mendieta(week 2)

facial hair

This week’s artist is Ana Mendieta.  This artist, really made me curious about her background and her style of art. When researching into her background, I learned that she had a hard life. She is a women with an interesting past,  “exiled from Cuba at the age of 12 and sent to an orphanage in Iowa, Mendieta used the Earth as a site to address issues of displacement, impressing her body in various outdoor locations and recording its imprint in photographs and video.”( She was well known for her “Earth body” performances and explicit themes. Mendieta’s death was  very controversial, “she tragically died, aged 36, in New York when she fell from her 34th-floor apartment window; her husband was acquitted of her murder.”( Many  people believe that her husband was the one who threw her out the window. Neighbors reported that the couple were arguing moments before the tragedy.

Mendieta’s work is very graphic and many people would say its gruesome. Personally, I am one of those people who say it very gruesome and it gives me goose bumps. But her work is very powerful at making a statement. She makes art that shows the harsh reality  many women go through. I would imagine that in her home country of Cuba, there was more violence towards women than there is in the U.S. Obviously, rape is immoral and she tries to show the world what it is like to be a women.  She is a very strong believer that women and men are equal even though there is inequality towards women.


In this piece, Mendieta explicitly depicts a rape seen. She does not hold back on showing pools of blood. Looking at this piece, causes a great sense of uneasiness and discomfort. I have to keep myself from not looking away. However, I think that is what she wanted. She wants the world to see how women are abused for sex and hurt. This scene resembles a scene from any horror films that involves a crazy serial killer.


I really liked the piece above, that is apart of her Silueta series. She created an outline of her body and covered it with rose petals. Then those roses were set on fire. I think the roses symbolize love, and a  women’s body should be loved not abused. Notice the origin of the fire, it starts at the vagina. This can show that men only focus on sex and this leads to destruction. Lastly, the fire ends at her head. This shows that victims of rape suffer  with severe emotional trauma.

Ana Medieta emphasizes on equality and unjust violence towards women. I think her background had a very important influence in her art. The thing I liked the most about her was, her creativity. She has very unique ideas and changes them up frequently. She does an excellent job to bring up topics the general public avoids to talk about.


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