Week 1 Artist Of The Week : Allan Kaprow


Allan Kaprow was born in 1927 and was the first to introduce performing arts.  He is well known for “Environment” and “Happening”.  In the video, Professor Zucman explained how Kaprow was very different than other artist. He thought differently and had a unique idea of what art is.  “The young artist of today need no longer say ‘I am a painter,’ or ‘a poet,’ or ‘a dancer.’ He is simply an ‘artist.’ All of life will be open to him.”- Allan Kaprow.  When I was watching the video, I was very interested in Kaprow and I appreciated his effort to stand out from others.  I personally find paintings and sculptures to be boring and learning about Kaprow’s activities I became very curious. When I researched his activities I noticed that his work tried to make a point. He had very simple activities that effectively taught a lesson.

The piece I liked the most is called “calling”, and people wrapped themselves up in cloth and laid in front of a desk at the grand central station. I think this piece is meant to show the audience that death is a very big part of life. It follows us around every second and their is no avoiding it. Another idea came to my head when I saw this picture of the “calling” (Picture 2).  The idea that those who have left this world are still present today. The spirits of deceased loved ones roam this Earth and watch over us. I believe Kaprow wanted to show the audience that many people die on a daily basis but we are too busy to notice or pay heed to them. Hence, he chose a location where people are in a rush to go somewhere.
When I heard about Kaprow, for some reason I thought of another artist, Shepard Fairey. He is an artist whose work I really admire and I love his clothing brand Obey Propaganda.  I made the connection between the two because, both of their work speaks to the audience in an unusual way.  This unique and unusual mindset is what I enjoy in artist.

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  1. Glenn Zucman says:

    Nice insights Hiten!


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